The JR Kit

Complete DC generators on the market start at $1000 and go up to $2500 for a portable product that serves a basic function. I do not believe these provide value or a level of function for the price. 

Affordable DC Generators is positioning our product in the middle by starting with a complete kit that requires zero fabrication and a few basic hand tools taking the difficulty away from putting a DC generator together at home.


The JR Kit mates an affordable Honda GC160 to a readily available AC Delco alternator. Combine the Honda at $225, the alternator at $80, and the Affordable DC Generator JR Kit at $279. You have a package capable of making 1700 watts on a 12v system for under $584. This is twice the power output of the competition at nearly half the price for 10 minutes of your assembly time at home.

Substitute a lower priced Predator engine to save even more money.

JR Kit.png


Uses a Honda GC160 and Delco 10si or 12si alternator (not included)

Brackets made from 1/4" aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance

Electrical connection made with 2 gauge wire and rated to 175 amps

Field swappable parts without having to remove alternator pulleys or installing special cooling fans



All kit components are made with standard off the shelf parts

No fabrication or additional parts required to assemble the engine to the alternator

Various voltages available with off the shelf alternators ranging from 6-24v

Assembly time of 10 minutes

No special tools required


Kit Paperwork File