​​​Materials to make these kits are all now available. Ship time is going to be roughly 1 -2 weeks from the time an order is placed as everything is showing up. I will be working to get inventory back to ship same day/following day. Thank you for your patience.


  • RUGGED - Components made from 1/4" aluminum save weight without sacrificing strength
  • AFFORDABLE - Almost half the assembled cost of what the competition charges with more then double the performance using a Honda GC160 and AC Delco 10si or 12si.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED - The DIY kit comes with all the brackets, hardware, wires, feet, and handle for a professional grade build. Save by sourcing your engine and alternator separately.


The Affordable DC Generator JR Kit is a thorough DIY package to assemble a dc generator at home. The JR Kit contains all the necessary components minus the engine and alternator to make a rugged, dependable, and future serviceable generator. All components made from 1/4" aluminum save weight without sacrificing strength. Affordable DC Generator kits use a common inexpensive automotive grade alternator that is readily available in various voltages.


Modern inverter generators although versatile are extremely complicated, have many failure points, and usually are not cost effective to repair due to the price of parts. They also are not a good match to power your DC battery equipped devices. If your battery bank, boat, RV, or equipment runs off of a battery...charge it with an Affordable DC Generator instead!


No special pulleys or fans required. Take it out of the box and install. Need to work with multiple voltages? Don't buy another DC generator, just purchase the new alternator and field swap it into place. No need to remove the pulley nut for mounting. Drop it in and go!

The JR Kit (shipping mid-April)

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