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Affordable DC Generator's goal is to provide the most thorough DIY kit to build a DC generator. Many kits online leave too much fabrication work to be performed and what you end up with is a product that looks like a converted push mower. These kits also require modifying components.

Complete DC generators on the market start at $1000 and go up to $2500 for a portable product that serves a basic function. I do not believe these provide value or a level of function for the price.

Affordable DC Generators is positioning our product in the middle by starting with a complete kit that requires zero fabrication and a few basic hand tools taking the difficulty away from putting a DC generator together at home. 

Originated by necessity...

I was living on a trawler boat years ago and had a small house battery bank with a small solar array. This set up was great for keeping things going while I was not at home but my needs outweighed what my solar could keep up with. I had a demand for a small amount of DC power but didn't want to run my propulsion engine or diesel genset to recharge.

My old military truck sits all winter long while not being used on the salty roads. Every spring my batteries are dead and I end up having to jumper another vehicle to it and waiting for the batteries to come up. No outlets are available so I either bring a regular generator with a battery charger or idle another truck to get things charged. 

While out camping off-grid, I want to run my two way AC/DC refrigerator and most of the off the shelf power boxes from companies like Goal Zero just lacked the capacity I needed for a week long stay. I had to bring my Honda EU2000 and run it to cool the fridge down which meant long run times. I just needed a battery and a DC generator.

So here we are...


Our first DIY kit will include all of the necessary components to mount a Honda GC160 or any similar clone to an industry standard alternator available with multiple voltage outputs. These off the shelf AC Delco 12si alternators are available in 6v, 12v, 24v, and 48v outputs.  Capable of delivering 400 watts at idle to 1700 watts. 


Our generator kit uses all off the shelf components down to the handle and mounting feet. Modern inverter generators although versatile are extremely complicated, have many failure points, and usually are not cost effective to repair due to the cost of parts. They also are not a good match to power your DC battery equipment or devices. 

Affordable DC Generator kits use a common automotive grade alternator that is readily available and inexpensive. No special pulleys or fans required. Take it out of the box and install. Need to work with multiple voltages? Don't buy another DC generator, just purchase the new alternator and field swap it into place. No need to remove the pulley nut for mounting. Drop it in and go!


The engine is a standard size that can be purchased from Harbor Freight, Amazon, and Northern Tool. Having a generator built with standard components means that parts can be serviced from various sources in the future. No more expensive back ordered or discontinued pieces.