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Annual Maintenance Provider

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If you are an electrician installing home standby generators, why take on hiring another employee to handle just service and repair? That requires an additional truck, tools, and training. Let IGS handle your maintenance needs at a wholesale rate. You can sell the service at any price to your customer, retain your customer instead of them going to a dealer for service, and pocket your markup

Maintenance Pricing Structure


1 Service   - $250

3 Services -  $675   ($75 savings)

5 Services -  $1000 ($250 savings)

How does it work? Submit the customer and generator information along with payment. We automatically dispatch out and perform the work. You can mark up the price to your customer any way you want. Offer a single or multi-year contract. Buy the services from us only when you need them. 

Repairs and Warranty


We are factory trained and certified technicians capable of handling all levels of repairs. If you are installing and have an issue on generator startup, let IGS troubleshoot to get it up and running. Maybe your customer needs a major repair such as an engine or alternator replacement, we can tackle that. If the repair is cost prohibitive, we can move that back to you as a new sale again. 


As an electrician, you are most likely purchasing your generator through a big box store or supply house. Let IGS bid a price on your equipment purchase. We work with large volume dealers and can possibly get you a better price to bump up your job margins.

Send us your equipment model numbers and shipping requirements.