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1.  Electrical System
     a.  Control & Power Connections
     b.  Wire Insulation Condition
     c.  Safeties and Alarms
     d.  Cabinet, Panels & Platform

2.  Generator
     a.  Voltage
     b.  Frequency
     c.  Instrumentation
     d.  Wire Conditions
     e.  General Condition


3.  Battery System
     a.  Battery Charger
     b.  Terminals Tight & Clean
     c.  Battery Position Tight

4.  Engine
     a.  Mounting Bolts
     b.  Air Cleaner
     c.  Alternator Bolts to Engine Tight
     d.  Governor & Linkage Correct
     e.  Inspect for Oil Leaks
     f.  Spark Plugs

5.  Lubrication System
     a.  Oil Level
     b.  Crankcase Breather

6.  Cooling System
     a.  Engine Cooling Air Obstruction
     b.  Outside Cooling Air Obstruction

7.  Fuel System
     a.  Piping
     b.  Flexible Lines


8.  Exhaust System
     a.  Muffler & Support System
     b.  Exhaust Obstruction

9.  Engine
     a.  Inside Compartment Clean
     b.  Exercise Unit
     c.  Report of inspection with any                     recommended repairs.

Annual Service Plan $250

Here at Independent Generator Services we want to make sure your generator is always ready and running at it's best performance.That's why we offer the 28+ Point Preventative Inspection, including the oil change, spark plug replacement, valve adjustment, battery inspection, power output, and all of the other system checks to ensure that your generator is ready This is the minimum service recommended by the manufacturer. We don't cut corners and neither should you.

28+ Point Preventative Inspection